Goldshell CK5 12th/S Nervos (CKB) Miner



Goldshell CK5 model from Goldshell mining Eaglesong algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 12Th/s for a power consumption of 2400W.

The Nervos network is a rapidly growing application, striving towards a ‘universal passport’– lightning-fast communication between any cryptocurrency and seamless scaling.

Product parameters:

Hash rate: 12Th/s±5%

Wall power: 2400w±5%

Noise: <80dB Connection: Ethernet Size: 264*200*290mm Working temperature: 0~35℃ GOLDSHELL CK5 – CKB MINER 12 TH/S

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Goldshell CK5 12th/S Nervos (CKB) Miner

Goldshell CK5 12th/S Nervos (CKB) Miner

The hash rate is as high as 12Th/s, and the power consumption ratio is 0.2W/G. The advanced cooling solution maintains an excellent and stable working state. CK5 can not only provide higher security for the Nervos network but also save electricity more effectively and help users get more benefits. The whole machine is highly integrated, safer, and more convenient. At the same time, reduce the size of the whole machine as much as possible and save storage space. The clear background management interface accurately displays the real-time hash rate, average hash rate, hash rate fluctuation and other information about the miner, which is convenient to check the operating status of the equipment at any time.
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